499. Sol & Café in Peru: a coffee cooperative that delivers outstanding coffee

Sol & Cafe is a cooperative of farmers, with more then 1000 members, producing coffee, cacao, rice and other products. Their relationship with Agriterra began in 2012. They have worked very interesting topics for the development of the capacities and training in financial management of the members, board members and all the staff. The cooperative […]

498. Coopecan – a success story 4,000 – 5,500 meters above sea level

Coopecan is a cooperative of alpaca shepherds/producers in Peru. The cooperative has more than 1000 members. Coopecan is improving the quality of the pastures to improve the production of the alpaca fibre. The fibres are processed in a plant in Arequipa for export. Coopecan cooperates with Agriterra since 2011 and Agriterra supports them to set up […]