310. Co-operatives help Healthcare

A local chemist has a clear picture of a community’’s health needs. In 2004, Brian Frith, the chemist in Charnwood, on Canberra’s northern fringe, compared notes with the organiser of the Neighbourhood Watch group, Roger Nicoll, and with Michael Pilbrow, the chair of his primary school’s Parents and Citizens Committee. All three were concerned that […]

288. Robert-Cliche Health Co-operative

The Robert-Cliche Health Co-operative was established in 2008 to address serious concerns in the region of Beauce, Quebec, south of Quebec City: retiring doctors, an aging population, difficulty attracting young doctors to the region, outdated medical equipment, and no new physicians had come to set up practice in the area since 1994. The first branch […]

204. Unimed: For Many an Unrealistic Dream

In the mid-1960s, Brazil had a mercantile-based medical system that limited free choice and, for many doctors, stood in the way of their dreams of professional excellence and justice. Some medical professionals began to envision an alternative structure for health care: the cooperative. This was an unprecedented idea for the medical field in Brazil and […]

125. Health Is More Than a Prescription

The streets surrounding the Coomsocial basic-care health clinics bustle with activity: buses and taxies pull up to curbs, trucks deliver supplies, merchants sell to throngs of customers. The clinics are a hub of all this activity. Taxi drivers, bus companies, food vendors, medical suppliers, and many other small businesses depend on the traffic of patients […]