279. Aurora Wine Cooperative

On the 14th of February 1931, sixteen families of grape growers from the town of Bento Gonçalves joined forces to create the cornerstone of what would become the largest enterprise of its kind in Brazil: COOPERATIVA VINÍCOLA AURORA (Aurora Wine Cooperative). One year later, with a combined output of 317,000 kilos of grape the cooperative […]

168. Cooperative, Organic, Fairtrade – Is This the World’’s Most Ethical Wine?

Sheep. They’’re the secret ingredient to La Riojana’s organic viticulture. Located in north-western Argentina, the cooperative winery already benefits from an arid climate, with little rainfall, cool nights and warm days. “It’’s perfect for organic growing because you don’’t need a lot of chemicals to control pests,” says Nick Day, the winery’’s sales director for […]