Like a team of super heroes, the members of the Lluke coop respond to the needs of communities and cooperatives throughout Chile. Each member of the consulting group offers their own individual expertise and creative problem solving skills. Their work focuses on energy saving and community improvement and results in job growth and more socially conscious economic development. Founded in 2010, Lluke has already worked with many types of cooperatives. These include organizations engaged in agriculture, water distribution and banking. While they do not limit the focus of their work, Lluke is especially interested in environmental impact.

Because Lluke works on a horizontal structure, employees feel, like any good team of heroes, encouraged to collaborate freely. The lack of economic hierarchy results in a fruitful flow of ideas, each participant understanding that their input is just as valuable as any other participant. This method of generating concepts reaches out beyond the Lluke team. Instead of being protective of their clients, the consultants recognize the larger benefit of reaching out to other organizations and forming potentially informative partnerships when responding to the needs of clients.

Ruta Limpia is an example of the dynamic impact Lluke seeks from their work. Charged with a basic imperative, to study environmental impacts of mining expansion in Northern Chile, Lluke works to affect change on various outcomes. Besides environmental sustainability, the Lluke team comes together to create an improved delivery system and higher grade products. Solutions stem from a commitment to fair trade, consumer education and, overall, increased income and quality of life for the disadvantaged small and medium sized producers.