In November 2011 Italy was on the brink of oblivion with bond markets set to send it tumbling into insolvency. Government and regulators were asked to act incisively and responsibly to re-establish the confidence of financial markets in the country. High volatility made it difficult to make even short-time financial forecasts.

One month later Italy’’s fourth largest insurance group, Unipol, took its own stand.

In the face of Italy’’s crippling financial status and its people’s uncertainty about the future, the insurer Unipol – a stock market listed company which is majority controlled by about 40 Italian cooperatives – took it on itself to send a message of hope to the people of Italy.

It launched a campaign with a related website where people could post comments and exchange opinions in order to express their faith in the future and help to provide Italy with a boost of positive energy. It advertised in subways, in newspapers, in magazines.

The most interesting messages then became part of the campaign and were published in the latest printed documents, promoting participation and awareness between citizens.

Here’s one example of what it received in response to its call from 36-year-old Stefano Nicoletti from Tuscany.

“I have confidence in the future because I accept responsibility to take it on my shoulders all the time, even when I get tired and bruised.”

These messages are in Unipol’s words: “messages of faith in the future which – we strongly believe – are the most extraordinary and inexhaustible source of energy for tackling the current situation and getting the country back on its feet”.

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