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Sustainability: inbuilt in the cooperative model

In 2013 the global representative body for the global cooperative sector, the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), decided it was time to take action on sustainability. Oft used as a term to describe cooperatives, the ICA wanted to understand in great detail in fact how appropriate and accurate the term “sustainable” was to describe the cooperative movement and its members’ activities around the world. It [...]

Increasing sustainability through training

"Education is not nearly as costly as the conflicts and failures incurred because of lack of understanding of the co-op business model. High-performing leaders know the importance of equipping directors, employees and management with the knowledge to understand their respective roles and therefore, develop and lead their cooperative with a unified approach." These words from Rod Kelsay, Executive Director of MACC highlight the [...]

Young Farmers for the Future

Before 2011, formation of farmers labor organization was forbidden in Myanmar. AFFM was established, with a few members who owned less than 10 acres of land. In 2014, with the help of  the MTCP2 Project, AFFM started to organize more farmer members from village levels to township and up to region / state levels.  Finally  AFFM, thanks to the intense commitment successfully [...]

Coop Coffee visits Brussels

Last November, representatives of Coop Coffee Indonesia visited the ICA office in Brussels to discuss their coffee business. The welfare of the farmers/ members is our top priority and we are working on selling our coffee to the Starbucks Trading Company, shipping the coffee directly to Seattle, US. Coop Coffee Indonesia (Co-operative for the Indonesian Coffee) is the business program for the coffee [...]

Rah Roshd Cooperative Educational Complex: A Brief Introduction

Rah Roshd Cooperative Educational Complex: A Brief Introduction Rah Roshd Cooperative Educational Complex, active in the nation's education system for three decades, was started up as a kindergarten in 1987 by a number of Tehrani teachers who had innovative ideas in the field of education and yearned to have a different philosophy of school administration realized. They were soon joined by some university [...]

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