In 1999, at a time in which 50% of Argentina’s population was without access to health care, the Argentine Federation of Solidarity Health Entities (FAESS) was formed to bring users and providers together to develop a cooperative Health Service model. The mission of FAESS is to provide cooperatives, mutuals, and other sectors with adequate health services while fully complying with the objective of maintaining the cooperative policies of the entities.

FAESS provides primary care services, diagnosis, treatment and sanitary education to its associates and non associated thirds, with a high quality of service at reasonable costs, while also promoting awareness and co-operative participation. We are not just providing health services, but also preserving the associative nature and solidarity principles among our members, both users and providers.

We aim to be a model in the health sector and represent the Argentine Cooperative Movement, unifying users and providers under a common objective. FAESS has created ten Primary Health Centers over the last twelve years with the help of local cooperatives and municipalities. We have also developed more than twenty health campaigns about risk factors since 2000.

Now, FAESS is working to create of a network representing the interests and needs of its members cooperatives, working in multiple sectors.