The CLO cooperative was established in 1937 at the Milan wholesale market. It was founded by the first porters, who performed physically demanding work. They came together to assemble their own fruit transport carts, support each other, and, most importantly, improve their working conditions with respect to the wholesalers. CLO stands for “Cooperativa Lavoratori Ortomercato” (Market Workers Cooperative).

In the 1980s, the cooperative expanded, seized opportunities in the retail sector, and transformed into a modern logistics services company. Today, it comprises over 2000 worker-members from 61 countries around the world. Despite the challenging work environment, especially in an industry in Italy that unfortunately faces issues related to illegality, CLO stands as a beacon of legality and social inclusion.

The cooperative not only organizes work but also engages in social activities, such as the annual sports festival. Additionally, it provides members with a range of services, including microcredit, health insurance, and financial education.

An illustrative example of how CLO consistently places the individual at the center of its efforts is the story of a former member, Mbow Dame, originally from Senegal. He encountered the typical challenges faced by migrant workers in Italy. Although his life changed after connecting with CLO, but an illness prevented him from continuing to work. However, thanks to the savings he accumulated within the cooperative and the generosity of fellow members, he was able to realize his dream: returning to Africa and establishing a farm, which he aptly named after CLO.

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