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Pulling Nigerians Out of Poverty

Nigeria, the “Giant of Africa”, has the continent’s largest population and economy, now worth over $500 billion thanks in large part to its oil reserves. This wealth, however, has not stopped 60% of Nigerians living in extreme poverty, nor youth unemployment being close to 80%. Peter Obiorah, president of the De Parach Multipurpose Co-operative Society, thinks agriculture can offer answers to the [...]

Valley Green Feast & Boston Collective Delivery – Creating a closed loop worker co-op supply chain to increase food access.

Valley Green Feast is a women owned, worker cooperative that delivers local food to homes all year round. We have been serving Western Mass. for five years and now we’re on our way to Boston! Our mission is to support local farms and small businesses and to bring healthy, delicious food to customers. We prioritize sourcing organic, fair trade and co-operatively produced [...]

Union of Rose Cultivators Agricultural Sales Cooperatives

Rose and attar of roses are agricultural products that are known and used in each and every part of the world. In addition, attar of roses is one of the most important raw materials that is used in perfume and cosmetics industry. Rose damascane, which is one of the most significant types of rose in relation to the production of attar of [...]

The Good Earth

Though only a few hundred kilometers from Shanghai, farmers living in the small rural township of Bihu have long struggled to find a market for their produce. Bad roads and the small scale of individual production made trade impossible. 1999 witnessed farmers weeping as they had to throw rotting asparagus beans, mushrooms, aubergine and Chinese broccoli into the Ou’jiang River. It was [...]

COEXPHAL: Uniting Farmers, Moving Forward

COEXPHAL is the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers of Almería (Southeast Spain), the majority of the members being small holding agricultural cooperatives who jointly market their product. It was created in 1977 as an association of 17 cooperatives to provide common services and to obtain much needed market power and recognition. Currently, it includes over 100 cooperatives. Over 100 people work [...]

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