Artes Gráficas Chilavert

66. Artes Gráficas Chilavert

On a wall of the Spanish colonial-style villa which houses the Artes Gráfica Chilavert is a patch of unfinished brick surrounded by a picture frame. This patch of brick, along with the old safe which now sits open and empty, are reminders to the fourteen members of the small printing cooperative of a fight to […]

. Artes Gráficas Chilavert

Artes Gráficas Chilavert is a small print shop emblematic within Argentina’s phenomenon of worker-recuperated enterprises, or ERTs, because of its highly conflictive beginning as a coop and the subsequent militancy and social justice activism some of its workers have been involved with. Located in the economically challenged Buenos Aires barrio of Nueva Pompeya, Chilavert became […]