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461. Traditional Art at Fair Prices

At the cobblestoned corner of 4 Norte and 4 Oriente, 400 indigenous women sell their work. Embroidered shirts, jewelry, paper hangings and other traditional handcrafts fill shelves and line walls. Craft shops are no rare thing in the historic downtown of Puebla, Mexico and tourists flock through the streets clutching plastic bags stuffed with gifts […]

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460. Many Looms, One Town, One Cooperative

“It’s my brothers and sister and cousins and then a few people from our town. We are all family. We all live in Teotitlan.” Surrounded by stacks of thick, vibrant, hand woven rugs Louis Martinez describes the members of Teotitlan Cooperative. “In my family we are the third generation of cooperative,” he explains. Martinez’s Zapateca […]

361. Housing Coop Commissions Work of Art

The Berlin housing cooperative GeWoSued commissioned the artist Sandra Lange with a wallpainting. Once Building Art was a marketing-must of commercial housing developers. Due to a high housing demand in the big german cities investors today neglect any additional effort. The GeWoSued cooperative tries to achieve with every building or modernisation something special. As art […]

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358. Quenching Thirst, Building Economy

It’s hot, dusty work in the fields around Fatick, a small agricultural town in the Senegalese interior. There’s nothing better, locals say, than a sweet, soothing drink of bissap, a beverage made from hibiscus blossoms that is renowned for its ability to cool the head and fortify the body. That’’s not just folklore: bissap is […]

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317. Weaving a future

When Pablo Neruda visited the ancient Peruvian city of Machu Picchu, the ruins inspired an entire book of poetry. In The Heights of Machu Picchu Neruda called to the indigenous people who once lived there: “Look at me from deep in the earth,/tiller of fields, weaver, quiet shepherd…/Show me your blood and your furrow…/And give […]