Buyan-Undral Cooperative

408. Sustainable business regardless of the social system

Mongolia boasted 225 large collective farms before the Democratic revolution of 1990. From that point on most of the collective farms were privatised and then collapsed. The collective farms that did survive this process were few and each re-organised into a co-operative-based model. The largest of these primary agricultural co-operatives is called Buyan-Undral and is […]

. Buyan-Undral Cooperative

“Buyan-Undral” primary agricultural cooperative is the one of the largest member cooperatives of National Association of Mongolian Agricultural cooperatives. The Mongolian Government and Local Government have valued the activities of Buyan-Undral highly and granted many awards and premiums to this cooperative, including in 2000 “Best cooperative” award of National Association of Mongolian Agricultural cooperatives /NAMAC/, […]