461. Building up from Down-Under

The 1960’s saw Melbourne, Australia sprawling out from Port Phillip Bay into the beautiful green hills that stretch away from the water. Both the city’s population and housing speculation boomed. Developers snatched up land, segmented it into lots, prepped it for construction—tearing out trees and installing streets, sidewalks and utilities—and then sold bits of land […]

370. Giving women in the construction industry a helping hand

The construction industry is traditionally male-dominated: in fact in the United Kingdom, for example, women have just 9 percent of construction jobs, and most of those are in design, management or administration rather than actual operations. In India, however, 51 percent of construction workers are women, of which 98 percent are unskilled. The Self Employed […]

305. Drevojas, building cooperative

Drevojas building cooperative is a prominent European manufacturer and producer of bathroom furnishings. Established in 1946 as a building cooperative, we have proudly been making furniture since then. We have over 60 years of experience building furniture. Everything is made by us, in the Czech Republic, in our factory, by Czech workers. Some of our […]