Cooperativa A.L.P.I. scs

43. Cooperativa A.L.P.I. scs

In Trento, Italy, the Work Training through Individualized Projects Cooperative (A.L.P.I.) makes lifelong links with disadvantaged community members. A.L.P.I.’s mission is to prepare individuals who have mental and physical disabilities to participate in the workforce.To reach that goal, the cooperative provides guided, hands-on job training. A.L.P.I.’s business model is straightforward. It contracts with local firms […]

. Cooperativa A.L.P.I. scs

ALPI is a social cooperative, settled in Trento, Northern Italy, an area particularly rich in cooperatives and social enterprises, nurtured by a strong social network. ALPI (Work Training through Personalized Programs) aims at the integration of disadvantaged people through work, giving a real chance of landing a job to people who are usually excluded from […]