381. The Bull and the Volcano

In ““My Invented Country”” Isabel Allende writes of her people, ““We Chileans still feel our bond with the soil…. Our most important newspaper, El Mercurio, publishes a weekly agricultural supplement that informs the public in general of the latest insignificant pest found on the potatoes or about the best forage for improving milk production. Its […]

. Cooperativa Agricola y de Servicios Ltda. (COOPRINSEM)

Cooprinsem works to provide artificial insemination services to the farmers in Chile’s Osorno Province. Since March of 1974 they have also offered milk regulation and veterinary services. Since then, Cooprinsem has increased their cooperative activity in commercial sectors (products and equipment for veterinarians, milking, agriculture, irrigation, etc.) with a unique emphasis on technological services (milk […]