418. The Central Union Of Turkish Forestry Cooperatives

Forest villages are located a long distance from cities. The living conditions in these villages are severe. Forest villagers have low-income. Their share in the national income is very low: the equivalent to about one quarter of the national income. The main income of these villagers comes from working in the forest and a very […]

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417. Promised Land

“The women were willing to volunteer time, to work for their children and their future,” Woulimata Thiaw reminisces about the early days of the Popenguine Women’s Group for the Protection of Nature. She does not hold back about how men did not believe in the cooperative’s potential. Thiaw, the current Cooperative President, turns the discussion […]

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403. Salted Earth

Fifty years ago a massive lagoon lay next to the village of Toubab Dialow. Today a small puddle gathers in the rainy season, but, come September, the land is dry and barren once again. Changes in vegetation and soil have destroyed the lagoon and, along with it, the community’s fishing industry. A cooperative of women […]

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392. A Source for Sustainable Teak

Tropical hardwoods have long been in the environmental spotlight as potentially unsustainable. In Asia, for example, the demand for teak can have serious environmental impacts and disastrous effects on local communities. Much of the world’s teak comes from Indonesia, where native forests are often clear-cut. But one cooperative in Southeast Sulawesi is now producing certified […]

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388. Buckthorn, gooseberry: bushes bringing women into the Mongolian workforce

What do four single mothers do when the government unit they worked in is privatized and their jobs are eroded? In the case of these four women, they decide to grow their own business, a co-operative business. “After the privatization of the forestry unit, we were dismissed in 1998 and it has become very difficult […]