444. Protecting small rice growers thanks to an innovative index-based crop insurance product

Agriculture is a key activity in Sri Lanka, but is mainly practiced by poor smallholders who farm very small parcels of land. Plus, farm yields are subject to unstable weather conditions and wide price fluctuations that threaten farmers’ incomes. Under such conditions, crop insurance is seen as essential to safeguarding farmer assets. But, to make […]

432. Peace of Mind in a Time of Mourning Thanks to Loan Life Insurance

In West Africa, two million families are now protected by an innovative and advantageous loan life insurance product. This product was developed by the Confederation of Financial Institutions of West Africa (CIF) and its six member networks of financial cooperatives, including the PAMÉCAS network in Senegal, in collaboration with Développement international Desjardins (DID) and Desjardins […]