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Sustainability: inbuilt in the cooperative model

In 2013 the global representative body for the global cooperative sector, the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), decided it was time to take action on sustainability. Oft used as a term to describe cooperatives, the ICA wanted to understand in great detail in fact how appropriate and accurate the term “sustainable” was to describe the cooperative movement and its members’ activities around the world. It [...]

Case study – A Quiet Revolution: Co-operative schools in the UK

Executive Summary This case study discusses the growth of a new co-operative sector in England during the past ten years which has been one of the movement’s success stories. The development of more than 700 schools as multi stakeholder co-operatives has been aptly described as ‘a quiet revolution’. Moreover, this ‘revolution’ has occurred during the past decade against what might at first sight [...]

Community Night at the Co-op: A Platform for Health Education

With a tight economy and limited funding for our public school system, every kid and parent is probably aware of what the word “fundraiser” means. Whether it be door to door pizza, cookie, or coffee sales, there is always a great school cause to raise money for. Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs) are also turning to various fast-food restaurants to provide fundraising dollars by having [...]

Science like you have never seen

Gruppo Pleiadi was born from a desire: the desire to teach science to children having fun, with practice and experimentation. Alessio Scaboro and Lucio Biondaro, when they were kids, certainly would have liked to find this kind of science in their schools. This is why in 2009 they founded a type A cooperative, in Padua, to bring scientific knowledge into the classroom in [...]

San Francisco Bay Area Coops: A Photo Journey

Out at the edge of the Western United States, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to dozens of unique, cooperatively-owned businesses. California has long engendered hopes and dreams of epic proportion and lured prospectors seeking wonder and wealth. In the 1840s the world heard a rumor that gold lay in California’s northern hills. Cooperatives played an inextricable role in the survival and [...]

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