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San Francisco Bay Area Coops: A Photo Journey

Out at the edge of the Western United States, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to dozens of unique, cooperatively-owned businesses. California has long engendered hopes and dreams of epic proportion and lured prospectors seeking wonder and wealth. In the 1840s the world heard a rumor that gold lay in California’s northern hills. Cooperatives played an inextricable role in the survival and [...]

Participation: The Glue That Binds

Every week, the members of the Shallalà Honey Producers cooperative in southern Ethiopia must walk seven or eight kilometres to attend their regular meeting. The Italian consumers’ cooperative Coop Adriatica has 1.16 million members, making an Annual General Meeting for all an impossibility. All over the world, cooperatives face different challenges in ensuring that their members can have their say and feel a sense of ownership in [...]

To Child Care and Beyond

Carmen Hernandez used to work in a clothing factory. “I had long hours and I couldn’t take vacation or sick days. There were no benefits.” For the past six years, however, Hernandez has been a member of Beyond Care, a cooperative of women based in Brooklyn, New York’s Sunset Park neighborhood. She and the other members provide child care to families in [...]

Out of the Bubble and into the Community

While just up the street, buses labeled “Google” and “Apple” cart employees back and forth from massive campuses, the workers at TechCollective make their way to the first floor of a house surrounded by ornate, old, wooden Victorian houses in the heart of San Francisco. As the Bay Area buzzes with dot-commers fighting to be the next big thing, the small team [...]

200 Artists, One Great Idea

In a region known for experience occurring in the cloud, on the net and through a virtual reality, City Art Cooperative in San Francisco, CA focuses on a single physical space and the objects that 200 artists create. Twelve times a year the gallery walls and pedestals, laden with an ever-changing display, transform and the first Friday of every month sees the [...]

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