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Out of the Bubble and into the Community

While just up the street, buses labeled “Google” and “Apple” cart employees back and forth from massive campuses, the workers at TechCollective make their way to the first floor of a house surrounded by ornate, old, wooden Victorian houses in the heart of San Francisco. As the Bay Area buzzes with dot-commers fighting to be the next big thing, the small team [...]

200 Artists, One Great Idea

In a region known for experience occurring in the cloud, on the net and through a virtual reality, City Art Cooperative in San Francisco, CA focuses on a single physical space and the objects that 200 artists create. Twelve times a year the gallery walls and pedestals, laden with an ever-changing display, transform and the first Friday of every month sees the [...]

Fun and Games and Cooperatives

When the game Monopoly was originally designed in 1903, its end goal was not driving other players to bankruptcy, but to encourage players to cooperate, paying rent into a common pot and achieving a happier shared prosperity. But when the game was patented and sold to Parker Brothers in the 1930s, its economic lesson changed. Since then it has been seen as [...]

Traditional Art at Fair Prices

At the cobblestoned corner of 4 Norte and 4 Oriente, 400 indigenous women sell their work. Embroidered shirts, jewelry, paper hangings and other traditional handcrafts fill shelves and line walls. Craft shops are no rare thing in the historic downtown of Puebla, Mexico and tourists flock through the streets clutching plastic bags stuffed with gifts and trinkets, searching for authentic goods and [...]

From Village Shops to Online Banking

Finland is one of most cooperative countries in the world, with almost 4 million cooperative members out of a total population of 5.4 million. Over 1.9 million of them are members of the Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta (SOK) Corporation, also known as the S Group, a union of 22 regional retail and service cooperatives. The S Group has 1,697 outlets, including four supermarket [...]

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