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Why Kenya needs Cooperative Businesses to Achieve Affordable Housing

Home ownership has traditionally been the foundation of the average Kenyan’s growth in net worth. Year over year, however, the ability of Kenyans to purchase land or homes has decreased. The World Bank estimated in 2017 that 6 out of 10 households in Nairobi are in the informal settlements[1]. In government administrations, current and previous, housing has been a cornerstone of its agenda, [...]

The El Algarrobo Residence

Oncativo is a small town in the province of Cordoba, in the central region of Argentina. There, the Cooperativa de Servicios y Obras Públicas (Public Works and Services Cooperative) recently built El Algarrobo Residence, a 13,700-square-metre home, especially designed for the elderly. Each of the 5,000 families in Oncativo is a partner of the cooperative residence in one way or another. “The main [...]

Case study – Habitat participatif in France: the case of H’Nord (Bordeaux)

  Executive Summary H'Nord is an eco-neighbourhood housing redevelopment project under construction within the Des Chartrons district in the northern part of Bordeaux. The project started when, in 2004, three long standing residents of the neighbourhood began to think about how to exploit a vast industrial area left abandoned for several years in their neighbourhood. They were particularly concerned about the possibility that it [...]

The exhibition “Cooperative Warsaw—the Postwar Revival of the Capital”

Polish capital, devastated during World War II, rises from the ruins. Warsaw—the invincible city revives from the war’s ashes. The consecutive houses put into service not only provide their inhabitants with a place to live but also evoke a sense of pride in them. The World is impressed with the grandeur and the scale of the planning and construction works being carried [...]

Building up from Down-Under

The 1960’s saw Melbourne, Australia sprawling out from Port Phillip Bay into the beautiful green hills that stretch away from the water. Both the city’s population and housing speculation boomed. Developers snatched up land, segmented it into lots, prepped it for construction—tearing out trees and installing streets, sidewalks and utilities—and then sold bits of land to future home owners, people ready to [...]

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