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Café Revolution: Better than Fair Trade

13 years ago US natives Matt Earley and Mike Moon started working intermittently in the Chiapas region of Mexico. The men were there to support the Zapatista movement underway, but their involvement quickly took on a new and specific form. Seeking ways to improve economic stability, the little coffee communities around Pantelho, Chiapas organized into a coffee cooperative called “Yachil Xolobal Chulchan” [...]

The self-delivery model of the Windvogel in practice

The Windvogel is a cooperative association whose goal is the realisation and generation of renewable energy. The Windvogel contributes to this through the development of new wind turbines and the purchasing and operating of existing turbines and solar PV installations. Founded in 1991 the cooperation now has over 2000 members in the Netherlands. It has five turbines with a total capacity of [...]

The Co-operative Ethical Plan 2012 – 2014 (and beyond)

In 2011, The Co-operative launched their groundbreaking Ethical Plan with one clear goal: to be the most socially responsible business in the UK. Now, in 2012, The Co-operative is taking their Ethical Plan even further, to inspire more people than ever to change their world. This film celebrates the achievements made in the last 12 months and highlights key targets for the [...]

The Co-operative Group – Good for Everyone

For the culmination of the UN International Year of Co-operatives, we are delighted to be welcoming the worldwide Co-operative Movement to the North West of England, the home of The Co-operative Group since 1863 and the birthplace of the modern Co-operative Movement. In 2013 we will celebrate our 150th birthday. It will be a moment of great pride for our members and a [...]

A flow of member benefits

“We sell plumbing gear to plumbers who are mainly our members, each with an equal vote.” That’'s the succinct description of the Plumber Supplies Co-operative (PSC) given by Tony Rogic, its general manager, sales. And it applied equally well when the co-operative was formed back in 1955. At that time Australian tradespeople faced a post-war shortage of essential materials. A resourceful group of [...]

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