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Center Point’s Understanding of the Seven Principles & Cooperative Solidarity

Kevin Schmidt, MSSW, LCSW, a therapist with Center Point describes how the founders of this cooperative identified with the cooperative principles and came to understand cooperative solidarity.

A Health Cooperative Federation

In 1999, at a time in which 50% of Argentina's population was without access to health care, the Argentine Federation of Solidarity Health Entities (FAESS) was formed to bring users and providers together to develop a cooperative Health Service model. The mission of FAESS is to provide cooperatives, mutuals, and other sectors with adequate health services while fully complying with the objective [...]

Unimed: For Many an Unrealistic Dream

In the mid-1960s, Brazil had a mercantile-based medical system that limited free choice and, for many doctors, stood in the way of their dreams of professional excellence and justice. Some medical professionals began to envision an alternative structure for health care: the cooperative. This was an unprecedented idea for the medical field in Brazil and it sparked a passion to encourage patient choice [...]

Health Is More Than a Prescription

The streets surrounding the Coomsocial basic-care health clinics bustle with activity: buses and taxies pull up to curbs, trucks deliver supplies, merchants sell to throngs of customers. The clinics are a hub of all this activity. Taxi drivers, bus companies, food vendors, medical suppliers, and many other small businesses depend on the traffic of patients and goods to the clinics that help [...]

From nothing to the fastest growing medical clinic in the province

December 2001, Argentina. The Argentine economy is in ruins, the peso-denominated bank accounts of its middles classes have been frozen in the ‘corralito’ as it is colloquially referred to, while the foreign-denominated bank accounts of its wealthy elite are protected. Downtown in Argentina’s second largest city, Córdoba, a private medical clinic is on its last legs after its doctor owners clean out the [...]

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