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Promoting Health and Inclusion in an Aging Population

Japan is the world’s oldest country: in 2012, more than 24% of the population were aged 65 or over. This demographic trend is bringing significant public health and welfare challenges, but health cooperatives are leading the way in promoting preventative healthcare and encouraging social inclusion within communities. The Japanese Health and Welfare Co-operative Federation (HeW Co-op Japan) was founded in 1957, not long [...]

18 Million Lives

The recent debates over universal healthcare in the United States have led to a focus on solutions in other countries. One example comes from Brazil, where Unimed represents the largest network of medical cooperatives in the world and is the country’s biggest private healthcare operator, with a commitment to social responsibility and meeting the needs of all sectors of the population, not [...]

Hospitals and Health Training for Nepal

“Nepal’s health indicators are embarrassing.” Indira Panta names poverty, malnutrition, ignorance, deep-rooted traditional beliefs, rampant urbanization and deteriorating environmental conditions as negative factors affecting the health of the Nepalese people. “Government efforts alone are not enough to combat the situation,” she says. The Nepal Health Care Co-operative Ltd. (NEHCO) was founded in March 2006 in an attempt to improve the public health of [...]

Valuing the work of care

CADIAI is one of Italy’s most established social services cooperatives. It was founded in Bologna in 1974 by 30 people, 27 of whom were women. The founders had experience in care, whether as informal workers, home carers, in nursing homes or private rest homes or assisting children and the elderly. Their aims were to ensure more stable employment and to protect and [...]

The kinship tradition

In the early 1970s the inner-Sydney suburb of Redfern was “really, really racist”, says resident Sol Bellear, of the Bundjalung people, far north New South Wales coast. To receive medical care, “you had to pay two dollars to attend the emergency department. If you were Aboriginal you might sit there for half the day and not be seen.” Hundreds of Aboriginal people were [...]

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