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The Benefits of Women-Led Co-ops in Arab States

More than 1 billion people worldwide are members of co-operatives, and on first glance, that staggering fact seems to have no geographic bounds. There are an astounding number of co-operative members from countries as far-ranging as Singapore (where they make up half of the country’s population) to Germany (that counts a quarter of its population as co-operative members). Co-operatives, too, make a [...]

CLARITY The Cooperative Law and Regulation Initiative

The Cooperative Law and Regulation Initiative (CLARITY) was established in 2005 by members of the U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council (OCDC) with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The chief goal of CLARITY is to provide support to cooperative movements in developing economies as they analyse and change their legal and regulatory environments. The resources provided by CLARITY are [...]

Co-operative legislation finds a home in more nations

“Our main objective is to increase the prosperity and welfare of our people by means of economic development and improvement. Within this respect, one of the important means contributing to activating our policies on a social state is the cooperatives entrepreneurship. Cooperatives have gained an international identity in time and have become successful initiative models which have specific positive signs in the [...]

A hope to feed nine billion by 2050

Paul Hazen recalls attending a members’ meeting of the local electric distribution co-operative back in the late 1970s. Up for debate was the shutting down of its nuclear power plant. The floor was divided – and loudly so. The resolution was voted down and consequently the members moved on to the next agenda item - a new community economic development initiative. The same people who [...]

Simel Esim on the power of cooperatives

Melina Morrison of Sommerson Communications sat down with Simel Esim, Chief of the ILO's Cooperative Branch, at the 2012 International Summit of Cooperatives in Quebec. In this interview, Simel Esim discusses the impact cooperatives have when working together and their future potential.

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