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KFCC (Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives)

Community Credit Cooperative(CC, Saemaul Geumgo) CC had its beginning with five credit cooperatives, established in Gyeongsangnam-do in 1963. CC, as a financial cooperative, inherits the spirit of mutual help, which is also a main source of Gye, Hyangyak, Dure and has been playing not only economic functions of credit and insurance service but also social roles of members' welfare and community development business. [...]

Total E&P Nigeria Cooperative

Total E&P Nigeria Staff Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited (Total E&P Co-op) commenced operations in 1984 as Total E & P (Nigeria) Thrift and Credit Society Limited. It had an initial capital of N20, 000,000.00, and has grown from double digit membership at inception, to 1,643 members today. As with such societies, membership is voluntary and open to Total staff across Nigeria. Now [...]

POP Pankkiliitto (POP Bank Alliance)

POP Pankki (POP Bank) is a cooperative banking group comprised currently of 36 independent cooperative banks.


Established in 1954, Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad (Bank Rakyat) is currently the largest Islamic cooperative bank in Malaysia.

CAJAMAR, Cajas Rurales Unidas

Cajamar Caja Rural (soon to change to Cajas Rurales Unidas), is a credit cooperative bank formed by the merging of the credit cooperatives (cajas rurales) of Andalucía (Almería and Málaga in 2000), Murcia (Campo de Cartagena in 1989), Madrid (Grumeco in 2000), Castilla y León (Caja Rural del Duero in 2007), Baleares (Caixa Rural de Balears in 2010) and of the Comunidad [...]

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