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Young Farmers for the Future

Before 2011, formation of farmers labor organization was forbidden in Myanmar. AFFM was established, with a few members who owned less than 10 acres of land. In 2014, with the help of  the MTCP2 Project, AFFM started to organize more farmer members from village levels to township and up to region / state levels.  Finally  AFFM, thanks to the intense commitment successfully [...]

Case study 1: Agriculture Co-op, a mechanism to improve livelihood and forest conservation

Ou Mreah Commune, located in Siem Bouk district, Stung Treng province, is a remote and poor commune consisting of 4 villages with a population of 2,840 people (1,362 females) living in 705 households. People mostly depend on agricultural activities (95%) and involve in illegal logging and not participating in natural resource protection and 38% (2013) of the target households lived below the [...]

About a primary agriculture cooperative society

It was formed in 1982 in Phyu Township. Members came to this area from various kinds of regions. They didn't have land and other properties. In this area, it was a vacant land area. So, people organized to do collective business and get the idea to form a cooperative. There are 46 members. There are 7 Board of Directors and mange the day [...]

Fighting climate change – with gender equality

Myanmar is third most vulnerable to the effects of climate change in the world. A We Effect and Mern project support women and men to work together to overcome the challenges. It’s not an iceberg the size of New York crashing into the ocean, a massive forest threatening a California city, or a starving polar bear. Climate change in Myanmar is less dramatic, [...]

Poverty alleviation through strengthening of farmers’ economy

Siem Reap economy is rapidly growing dominated by tourism sector creating many jobs for people in Siem Reap municipality who enjoy a bit better lives compared to people living at rural communities. Farmers still face food insecurity and malnutrition mainly for women and children due to low agricultural yield which farmers solely depend on. Malnutrition is a common contributing cause of death [...]

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