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Overcoming the Legacy of the War

The Cua Lo beach in northern Vietnam, where the Lam River joins the South China Sea, is home to the Song Lam cooperative, which provides invaluable services to local fishermen like supplying petrol and diesel, repairing vessels, running training courses and purchasing and processing the catch. A member of the Nghe An Cooperative Provincial Alliance, it also actively mobilizes people and organizations [...]

Uniting India’’s Fishing Cooperatives

India'’s long coastline and rich inland waters means that fishing is a major industry in the country, with over 14 million people involved in fishing and aquaculture. Fishing communities, however, are among the weakest in society, suffering from illiteracy, poverty and lack of knowledge about technology. Many fishermen are exploited by middlemen, but cooperatives can offer a way to empower them and [...]

Values based shellfish harvesting in Scotland

Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group (SSMG) believes in cooperation: “Co-operation is very important within the rural communities and fundamental to the local culture where our members choose to live and work. Whilst many businesses are focused purely on profit, our members exist to provide long-term, sustainable employment within a friendly, local environment. Moral values, integrity and building communities are important to us.” This [...]

Introduction to ICFO

The video presents the ICFO, it's mission, goals, and activities. The ICFO is supporting existing fishery cooperatives and aiding in the development of new ones.