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EntreprenEUrship for CultYOUre – EU4YOU

“EU4YOU” contributed to creating enabling environment that allows “to acquire and develop a mix of knowledge, skills and aptitudes youth need to succeed in the labor market” and “making education and training more relevant to young people’s needs” [Youth on the Move]. The project aimed to develop innovative complementary pathways for boosting employability of young people through social youth entrepreneurship and providing [...]


After the recruitment of an elder named Mustafa from our family by military in 1914, he had been familiar with guns and this eventually evoked our interest in the art of shotguns. Huglu people, since by their nature, have always been involved in arts and industry. This tendency led our elder Mustafa to build a keen interest in gun repairing and distribution [...]

Rah Roshd Cooperative Educational Complex: A Brief Introduction

Rah Roshd Cooperative Educational Complex: A Brief Introduction Rah Roshd Cooperative Educational Complex, active in the nation's education system for three decades, was started up as a kindergarten in 1987 by a number of Tehrani teachers who had innovative ideas in the field of education and yearned to have a different philosophy of school administration realized. They were soon joined by some university [...]

DotCoop continuing to grow

Since last posting on, DotCoop has grown and the number of domain users continues to increase. DotCoop has a small team based both in Oxford and in the U.S. There are currently five permanent team members: Managing Director - Violetta Nafpaktiti Head of Marketing - Lance Wolak Senior Customer Service Advisor and Registry Operator - Finn McCullagh Marketing Coordinator and Community Officer - Tom Ivey Administrative Officer [...]

Singapore’s First Sports Co-operative – Integrating people with special needs through mainstream sports

The first sports co-operative to help people with special needs to stay active and social has been established. Runninghour Co-operative Limited (Runninghour Co-op), which started in April 2009 as an inclusive running club by a group of running enthusiasts, has leaped into the next lap as a registered co-operative, the only regulated form of social enterprise. As a co-operative, Runninghour Co-op will [...]

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