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‘Wish Saemaul Geumgo Cooperative Movement to become seeds of hope in Myanmar’

“Myanmarese competent participants took education on Saemaul Geumgo Movement” Nine former and current officials from Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation of Myanmar visited Saemaul Geumgo and took training workshop to promote Saemaul Geumgo Movement in Myanmar. Saemaul Geumgo development model has two pillars. One is sustainable financial development stressing savings and the other is self-help development highlighting cooperative principle. The workshop was [...]

Is Your Insurance Sustainable?

Sustainable design, sustainable agriculture, sustainable energy: all fairly familiar concepts these days. But what about sustainable insurance? The Co-operators Group, a Canadian-owned insurance and financial services organization, is at the forefront of bringing the principles of sustainability to financial products. “There is so much dialogue about sustainability around the globe,” explains Kathy Bardswick, the President and CEO of the group, a third-tier cooperative [...]

Turkey’s First Insurance Cooperative

Although insurance cooperatives have long been active in many countries around the world, they are a new phenomenon in Turkey, only recently given legal permission to exist. Koru Sigorta (Koru Insurance Cooperative), established in 2011, is the first and, so far the only, insurance cooperative in Turkey, and is growing rapidly. Cooperatives do have a lengthy history in Turkey, but although the need [...]

The Co-operators Celebrates IYC with the Launch of The National Co-op Challenge

In celebration of the International Year of Co-operatives (IYC), The Co-operators is donating a total of $220,000 to deserving co-ops across Canada through their National Co-op Challenge. The challenge invited emerging and expanding Canadian co-operatives to submit an application to fund their initiatives. After a review process, 24 finalists were selected from four regions – West (includes British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, [...]

How to TIP friendly into cooperatives

Not long ago, Chuck Gould, ICA Director-General, told a co-operative symposium in Jamaica: "We need a more balanced and a more sustainable economic model and the co-operative model is a sustainable part of that solution.” One member of that very audience has been doing much to prove that the co-operative model is the way forward for countries like Jamaica, where local businesses and [...]

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