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A Cooperative Story N1: CASA DI ALICE, Italy

The first stop on the 1-year journey to visit cooperatives the world over is “Casa di Alice” (Alice’s home) and the ‘Altri Orizzonti – Jerry Essan Masslo’  cooperative in Castel Volturno in Southern Italy. Watch the video and read the full story of this cultural transformation taking place in lands dominated by the mafia. What can we bring out of the experience of ‘Casa [...]

Oasi – Porto Tolle (Rovigo) – Italy: accessible nature-based tourism in the Po delta

Promote and render accessible to everyone the Po Delta – a relatively unknown, but unique area, with beautiful nature and a fascinating history. This is the objective of Oasi, a social cooperative founded in July 2012 in Porto Tolle (Rovigo) by cooperators with decades of experience in the nature-based tourism sector and by people who personally experience disabil ity. This mission, embraced [...]

Promised Land

“The women were willing to volunteer time, to work for their children and their future,” Woulimata Thiaw reminisces about the early days of the Popenguine Women's Group for the Protection of Nature. She does not hold back about how men did not believe in the cooperative’s potential. Thiaw, the current Cooperative President, turns the discussion to the organization’s successes and current plans. [...]

Le Mat and the social cooperative Cadore – experimenting a new development in the mountains of Italy

Le Mat's social entrepreneurs would like tourism to be something more than spending free time and consuming new adventures, more than a specialized industry. We like tourism as an opportunity to restore, to return, to add value to the daily work and difficulties, to the inventions and extraordinary battles of all the persons living in the areas where also we live. We [...]

Reflections on Co-Cycle, worker co-ops, and hope

The Co-cyclists have returned to Amherst, MA, completing their 4,000 mile journey. Co-cycler Riko Fluchel made some reflections along the way. Below is an excerpt: "A curious shift occurred as Co-Cycle made its way through the Midwest. We have begun to articulate what exactly it is we’re learning. Our identity is still forming, but, as compared to the first half of the tour, [...]

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