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Koperasi Hutan Jaya Lestari

A group of small-scale teak producers in Sulawesi who have received FSC certification for their wood. KHJL has the capacity to sell 540 m3/year FSC certified teak, and 1080 m3/year Jabon and Gemelina wood.

Ur Jims

Ur Jims' is an agricultural cooperative proud to empower women through its main activities: forestation, fruit tree plantation, fruit processing, and a seedling nursery. The Ur Jims cooperative produces sea buckthorn, gooseberry, sea buckthorn seedlings, and other green house plants.

Western Farm Cooperative Forestry Co Ltd

Currently the coop is only achieving limited scale economies through collaboration. However the aspiration is to pool harvesting and marketing rights to get the benefits of being able to guarantee continuity of supply over several years and spread income on an equitable basis also across time. As the article explains, the forestry cooperative concept is nascent in New Zealand. Currently there [...]

Nyabubare ACE

Nyabubare ACE is an agricultural co-operative with total membership of 2020 members who are men, women, youth and people with Disabilities, from 10 rural producer organizations. The ACE majors in 6 Enterprises i.e. wines, mainly from bananas, honey, livestock (piggery and poultry), fish farming coffee and recently has introduced sorghum growing to make them 7 but is still under piloting.

Ona Mbele Cooperative Society

Ona Mbele Cooperative Society's goals and objectives are to eliminate extreme poverty and improve sources of income to members by dividing obtained interest annually. The cooperative society provides graining services to the community and supports other cooperative societies at the shehia of chaani Mcheza Shauri in building capacity on financial management and operations.

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