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Making Acupuncture and Wellbeing Affordable

In a darkened room ten strangers nap in easy chairs. They lie back, pant legs and sleeves rolled up, snoring gently. Needles dot their skin. They are receiving health care. The same scene repeats in more than 200 community-based acupuncture clinics all over the U.S. In 2002 partners Lisa Rohleder and Skip Van Meter had been Licensed Acupuncturists for several years and had [...]

TICE, a cooperative that is also an applied research centre

We wanted to be researchers. We wanted to apply the scientific knowledge about education that was locked in our university professors' desks. We wanted to help children, families and schools to reach their educational goals without simply "being creative" or listening to psychologists, but actually DOING something effective. After achieving the best expertise by intensive practice in USA, we decided Italian researchers [...]

Circle of Life Caregiver Cooperative

Alice Turtle Robb blogs. Alice Turtle Robb writes novels. Alice Turtle Robb wonders about the connection between independence, intimacy, dignity and ... toileting. Alice Turtle Robb is a caregiver. Alice Turtle Robb is also a member, owner and chairman of the board of the Circle of Life co-operative in Whatcom County, Washington State. She cares for elders, often people with dementia, people she refers [...]

Cooperativa A.L.P.I. scs

In Trento, Italy, the Work Training through Individualized Projects Cooperative (A.L.P.I.) makes lifelong links with disadvantaged community members. A.L.P.I.’s mission is to prepare individuals who have mental and physical disabilities to participate in the workforce.To reach that goal, the cooperative provides guided, hands-on job training. A.L.P.I.’s business model is straightforward. It contracts with local firms looking to outsource production. The cooperative gains clients [...]

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