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Co-op insurance thrives in Uruguay

Professionalism, attention, cordiality, responsibility, advice, commitment, autonomy, transparency, innovation – these are weighty words, but it is a heavy task that the Compañía Cooperativa de Seguros has taken on. According to its president, Sergio Fuentes, it is building a co-operative insurance business, designed to serve generations of members for years to come. “Above all, when we are building a company, our aim is [...]

IYC Contest Takes Flight at The Co-operators

The Co-operators Group Ltd launched a national contest for all staff to build awareness for the International Year of Co-operatives. The main objective of this interactive contest is to increase staff understanding of the co-operative business model and demonstrate how these points of differentiation are advantageous in the competitive marketplace. Contenders including staff, advisors and their staff from around the country, are vying [...]

The Co-operators Brand Campaign Focuses on Co-operative Principles

Throughout the past decade The Co-operators Group Limited's television commercials have highlighted various core brand attributes of the organization such as caring, trustworthy, honest, friendly, community-minded, etc. In It’s in Our Name they highlight the fact that The Co-operators is a co-operative using that as a foundation for what differentiates The Co-operators from its competitors and specifically how this influences their approach [...]

CARD MBA’s microinsurance model takes hold across Asia

“I guess we are very lucky in the Philippines because our government – the Insurance Commission - has been very supportive in the kind of work that we do,” says Aris Alip. “They believe that empowering the poor through owning microinsurance companies is the best manifestation of poverty eradication.” Alip is the managing director of CARD MBA, which has been behind not only [...]

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