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To The Moon is a documentary that will follow Co-Cycle, a group of young adults as they cycle cross-country and experience their country in a new and powerful way. It will be a supportive reflection of the United States and the value of increasing co-operative action. This summer, waves of people will bike across the country together to build momentum for the [...]

Hôtel du Nord, the cooperative hospitality

In 2010, eight heritage communities decided to create a heritage cooperative to make use of the economic potential of the cultural heritage of the northern districts of Marseilles and run a “Hôtel du Nord” project in a democratic way. Hôtel du Nord cooperative invites you to discover Marseille by the North: bed and breakfast, solidarity tourism, heritage walk, local products, books, images [...]

A special place Le Mat in Umbria (Italy)

Teresa - the Le Mat traveler - tells the story of the smal social co-operative LA TANA LIBERA TUTTI in Umbria, Central Italy. It's a small workers owned social co-operative managing a hostel in a small village. In the video you can appreciate the hospitality and the kind of local policy and tourism the co-operative offers.

Le Mat – social entrepreneurs hosting quality tourism

A SOCIAL BRAND and a SOCIAL FRANCHISOR for SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS in TOURISM Workers-owned cooperatives managing hotels, hostels, SPECIAL PLACES in order to develop self-determination, self-management, social promotion, the active participation of users and clients…. Every Le Mat is special and unique but there is a shared Le Mat quality! Le Mat’s general mission is to promote and turn to the best account the cultural, social, [...]

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