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Korean Students Learn from the BSC

In August 2012, Students from Korea University and Yeonsae University visited the Berkeley Student Cooperative as part of a two-week tour of American student cooperatives. Students at these schools in Seoul plan to form housing cooperatives to lower living costs, and visited the North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) headquarters, the BSC, the Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-op, and the UCLA co-ops. Led [...]

Berkeley Student Cooperative Lowers Rent for 2012-2013

In March 2013, the Berkeley Student Cooperative passed a budget that cuts rent 1.7% at its 17 room and board houses and limits rent increases to 1.4% at the Co-op apartments - less than half the rate of inflation. The cost of living in the BSC’s cooperative room and board houses for the coming Fall and Spring semester will be $3,354, down [...]

Building a Better World… Literally

Forests are the green lungs of the planet, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, and they provide vital habits for an incredible array of biodiversity. Yet over the last half-century, we have lost about half of the world’s original forest cover, mostly because of our unsustainable exploitation of forests’ many resources. Now, ICA Housing, the sector of the International Co-operative Alliance established [...]

So Happy Together: Cooperative Housing for Retirees

Through vibrant green summers and freezing snowy winters, the members of the Kildahl Park Pointe Cooperative (KPP) in Northfield, Minnesota trust the solid brick building at 888 Cannon Valley Drive to keep them safe and secure. The building is their home. All the members have topped fifty-five and rely on each other, not just to borrow cups of sugar, but to combat [...]

Housing Coop Commissions Work of Art

The Berlin housing cooperative GeWoSued commissioned the artist Sandra Lange with a wallpainting. Once Building Art was a marketing-must of commercial housing developers. Due to a high housing demand in the big german cities investors today neglect any additional effort. The GeWoSued cooperative tries to achieve with every building or modernisation something special. As art is not seen as a tool to [...]

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