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Cooperativa de Ahorro, Crèdito y Servicios Mùltiples de los Mèdicos

Coopermedicos was formed on September 29th, 1984. In May 1985 it was registered with the Department of Social Organizations of the Ministry of Work and Social Security under resolution number 678. Its aim is to improve the economic, social and cultural conditions of its members. According to the cooperative’s statute, membership is reserved exclusively for doctors.

Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples San José, Inc.

Cooperativa San José, Inc. has 61 years of uninterrupted service and over 80,000 members. The cooperative offers its members efficient and competitive financial services. We have a high level of social responsibility, demonstrated also through the San José Foundation for Development. We offer support in the health and social services sectors as well as providing water, ambulance, funeral, education, and environmental services. [...]

Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC

Farm Credit Armenia is Armenia’s first cooperative financial institution, providing loans to farmers and rural residents around the country. Farm Credit Armenia UCO CC is currently the only financial institution in Armenia based on true cooperative principles. Farm Credit Armenia`s member-borrowers are the owners, controllers and beneficiaries of the organization.

Organization for Rural Development (ORUDE)

ORUDE trains and mobilizes women’s groups to form their own Sub-County Savings and Lending Cooperatives (SUSALECOs), based on cooperative principles. ORUDE provides institutional support and services to the women’s groups, with the aim of empowering the women to own and manage the SUSALECOs.

National Cooperative Bank

NCB, FSB (NCB), a federally- charted savings bank is the only bank in the United States dedicated to delivering nationwide banking products and solutions to cooperatives and other member-owned organizations throughout the country. Serving both rural and urban neighborhoods, NCB is a leader in supplying grocery, health care, education and housing solutions to the nation’s communities that are most in need. [...]

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