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Bread and Cooperatives

One Sunday evening in spring 1920, 173 workers in the Argentine city of Bahía Blanca decided to form a cooperative to combat the growing spread of bakery cartels. Since then, the Cooperativa Obrera (“workers’ cooperative”) has grown to become the largest consumer cooperative in Argentina and the second-largest in Latin America, with 107 stores in 52 cities, 4,400 employees and more than [...]

San Francisco Bay Area Coops: A Photo Journey

Out at the edge of the Western United States, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to dozens of unique, cooperatively-owned businesses. California has long engendered hopes and dreams of epic proportion and lured prospectors seeking wonder and wealth. In the 1840s the world heard a rumor that gold lay in California’s northern hills. Cooperatives played an inextricable role in the survival and [...]

Participation: The Glue That Binds

Every week, the members of the Shallalà Honey Producers cooperative in southern Ethiopia must walk seven or eight kilometres to attend their regular meeting. The Italian consumers’ cooperative Coop Adriatica has 1.16 million members, making an Annual General Meeting for all an impossibility. All over the world, cooperatives face different challenges in ensuring that their members can have their say and feel a sense of ownership in [...]

Why a worker cooperative?

Along with a couple of my co-founders of a worker cooperative developing an indoor playground and cafe, I am currently taking a course entitled "Small Business: The Fundamentals" through our local small business development council.  As part of the 20-hour course, the instructors go over the types of legal entities an entrepreneur should consider utilizing for her/his business.  There are really only [...]

Many Looms, One Town, One Cooperative

“It’s my brothers and sister and cousins and then a few people from our town. We are all family. We all live in Teotitlan.” Surrounded by stacks of thick, vibrant, hand woven rugs Louis Martinez describes the members of Teotitlan Cooperative. “In my family we are the third generation of cooperative,” he explains. Martinez’s Zapateca family has been weaving since before Pedro de [...]

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