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Innovating to help the community

Since its incorporation in 1963, Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples has been recognized for its commitment to strengthening the Puerto Rican cooperative movement and for its continuous contribution to the country’s social development. Its success is due in part to developing products which meet the needs of the market, and it is now extending its work into the area of microinsurance and mobile [...]

Myths, death and insurance

Many Salvadorians believe in myths. When it comes to insuring against death it is a difficult concept for these people because taking out this kind of insurance is seen as wishing someone will die. Nevertheless, for the many individuals from El Salvador who move north to the United States, death and, for some, the repatriation of the body back to El Salvador is [...]

Where cooperation, insurance and football combine

There are many measures of success. In Latin America, owning one’s own football team has to be one of them  especially when that football team wins the national league. By this measure, La Equidad Seguros is a success, just as it is by a number of others. With assets of $US135 million, it is one of the largest insurers in Colombia. And [...]

Connecting a Community One Stitch at a Time

Immigrant women and women living with mental illness are among the most marginalized populations in Canada. Melanie Conn, Common Thread Marketing Coordinator, recognized that a co-op marketing and production structure would provide a way for these women to use their talents to earn income. Common Thread ( is a non-profit co-op and its members are community organizations that host sewing programs or [...]

Uplift makes healthcare affordable for India’s poor

Jayshree Bhika Naik lives in a slum in Pune, a relatively prosperous Indian city and once the centre of Indian politics. She is one of about 30 per cent of the Pune population which is slum-dwelling. She works as a house maid while her husband runs a small catering business. Nevertheless, a slum-dwelling existence is no barrier to medical care in India. Through microinsurance [...]

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