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An Innovative Example of Social Tourism

In Italy, where social cooperatives have long played a key role in filling the gaps left exposed by dwindling public services, the Città Solare is pioneering an innovative form of social tourism, bringing together the disadvantaged in need of training and employment, the marginalized in need of accommodation and tourists and travellers looking for a good-value place to stay in Italy’s Veneto [...]

Sustainability: inbuilt in the cooperative model

In 2013 the global representative body for the global cooperative sector, the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), decided it was time to take action on sustainability. Oft used as a term to describe cooperatives, the ICA wanted to understand in great detail in fact how appropriate and accurate the term “sustainable” was to describe the cooperative movement and its members’ activities around the world. It [...]

Community Night at the Co-op: A Platform for Health Education

With a tight economy and limited funding for our public school system, every kid and parent is probably aware of what the word “fundraiser” means. Whether it be door to door pizza, cookie, or coffee sales, there is always a great school cause to raise money for. Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs) are also turning to various fast-food restaurants to provide fundraising dollars by having [...]

Science like you have never seen

Gruppo Pleiadi was born from a desire: the desire to teach science to children having fun, with practice and experimentation. Alessio Scaboro and Lucio Biondaro, when they were kids, certainly would have liked to find this kind of science in their schools. This is why in 2009 they founded a type A cooperative, in Padua, to bring scientific knowledge into the classroom in [...]

To Child Care and Beyond

Carmen Hernandez used to work in a clothing factory. “I had long hours and I couldn’t take vacation or sick days. There were no benefits.” For the past six years, however, Hernandez has been a member of Beyond Care, a cooperative of women based in Brooklyn, New York’s Sunset Park neighborhood. She and the other members provide child care to families in [...]

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