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Hôtel du Nord

Conceived in 2009 and tested in 2010, Hotel du Nord is a heritage co-operative officially founded in January 2011. To bring cultural heritage and hospitality together, Hotel du Nord follows a simple principle: we sell what we produce, we produce what we sell, all in the interests of those living in the neighborhoods where we operate. Hotel du Nord offers bed and [...]

Le Mat – consortium of social co-operatives

Le Mat is a social co-operative (Corsortium) of social co-operatives. Up from our local pratices all over Italy creating jobs in many different branches and working for a more sustainable and inclusive community we developed all together a brand standing for responsible, inclusive and community tourism. LE MAT - SPECIAL PLACES, SPECIAL PEOPLE, SPECIAL VALUES. 15 social co-operatives are owners of the [...] is a project dreamt and developed by Andrea and Sara, a married couple who decided to put together their passions and skills and embark on a thrilling experience of a lifetime: travelling around the world for one year, documenting different sorts of cooperatives on all the continents. We believe that cooperatives and other forms of member-based organizationsplay a crucial role in reassigning [...]


Oasi is a social cooperative (type B - work integration) founded in 2012 by cooperators with a nature tourism background and by a group of people with physical and motor disabilities. The mission is to make the Po Delta accessable to all and raise awareness of its unique beauty and facsinating history.


The cooperative adopts a multi-pronged approach to improving the environment and raising living standards in the villages. Forestry, including the preservation of mangroves and evasion of erosion, is the primary activity. The group also focusses on tourism, gardening and development of small industries for the women in the area.

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