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Welcome to the first hotel in the British Commonwealth to be co-operatively owned

The Renmark Hotel, the oldest co-operatively owned hotel in the British Commonwealth, stands beside the Murray River in South Australia’s Riverland region. It first opened its doors in 1897 and has continued to serve the district’s renowned local produce from the same site ever since. Although the hotel’s collective ownership has remained unchanged since the 19th century, the structure itself “has been tacked [...]

Weaving a future

When Pablo Neruda visited the ancient Peruvian city of Machu Picchu, the ruins inspired an entire book of poetry. In The Heights of Machu Picchu Neruda called to the indigenous people who once lived there: “Look at me from deep in the earth,/tiller of fields, weaver, quiet shepherd…/Show me your blood and your furrow…/And give me silence, water, hope.” Every year thousands of [...]

Dinosaur tracks bringing tourists to Lesotho

They started their activities in 2007 and now have around twelve members – mainly young people but also some older people – most of whom are from the local community of Hasimone in Leribe District, North East Lesotho. They focus on tourism, in particular on encouraging people to visit the dinosaur footprints they have found near their community. They provide guided tours of [...]

To The Moon day of co-ops teaser

In celebration of International Day of Co-operatives on July 7, 2012 a new To The Moon teaser was launched that shares what summer has looked and felt like so far for Co-Cylce, an endorsed project of the IYC. Learn more about the journey and the film at CO-CYCLE.COOP and TOTHEMOONFILM.COM.

4th of July at “The Flat”

"It was an awesome time" says Emma Thatcher, To The Moon director, of the 4th of July barbeque at the University of Montana housing co-op called the "UM FLAT".

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